Repeated Sound Problem

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Martin Vieregg
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Repeated Sound Problem

Post by Martin Vieregg » Tue 17. Jul 2018, 10:37

Hier wird von einem "Repeating System Sound problem" gesprochen und auf den ecomStation Bugtracker verwiesen. Leider finde ich meine eCS Zugangsdaten nicht mehr, vielleicht sind sie auch verfallen. Kann jemand erklären, wie man das Problem beheben kann?

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Post by Dirk » Tue 17. Jul 2018, 11:15

Hilft das?
Zusammenfassung 0002828: System sounds loop repeatedly
Beschreibung Intel DG31P board with Soundblaster Live PCI card.

Just opening settings - sounds kills the sound at the time, but another system sound later will again start looping.

This happens ALMOST all the time.

Workaround is to disable system sounds.


Roderick Klein [ecs2860] (Manager)
2010-08-02 18:55
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One thing I tried with Steve was to reduce the cache size of JFS (this is a bootable JFS volume) to 1024 KB and see if that would slow down the loading of eCS and hence stop the repeating system sounds, it did not.

One interesting thing is that if a system sound is repeat and you open up the sound object in the system setup folder. The repeating system sound is stopped! This BTW only happens if Xworkplace is installed!
You can also use the play button in the sound object to play a sound, this also does not loop!

If you then create another system sound by for example deleting a file, the PM popups a window asking for confirmation. This system sound will then begin to repeat again.

If you restart the system to a command line and rename the eWPS directory so the PMSHELL can't load eWorkplace you get a different sound scheme manager (not the Xworkplace version, but the original IBM version). If you then open the sound object playing a system sound via the play button in the sound scheme manager this will make the audio file repeat. Opening the sound object with Xworkplace not loaded also does NOT make the repeating system sounds stop!

Roderick Klein [ecs2860] (Manager)
2010-08-02 18:59
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Xworkplace is doing "something". David asked what happens is a system sound is repeating and you start Z! to play an MP3. If a system sound is repeating and you play an MP3 the repeating system sound stops. However the repeating system sound starts again when the MP3 file has finished playing!

The weird thing is that on this T60 system, if I install a fresh eComStation 2.0 the system sounds don't loop anymore. Its clearly a timing issue somehow in the config.sys!

Attached is a copy of the config.sys that causes the repeating system sound.

David also received a copy of my MMOS2 INI files and copied. It to his systems it was also not in these files. He got no repeating system sounds.

David Azarewicz [ecs9525] (Manager)
2010-08-07 18:50

The problem causing the Repeating System Sounds has been found. Just so everyone knows, the problem is a timing issue with SND.DLL and has nothing at all to do with UNIAUD, or any other audio driver, or ACPI, or any hardware, or eWPS, or JFS, or anything else the people have been speculating about.
Roderick Klein [ecs2860] (Manager)
2010-08-11 14:43
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Joachim Benjamins [Joachim] (Administrator)
2011-04-08 15:58
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The fix mentioned in 0002874 will be incorporated in eCS 2.1

Add run=driveletter:\MMOS2\MMFIX.EXE to your config.sys and reboot your system this should fix the problem. Source is in source repository in directory MMFIX.


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Post by aschn » Tue 17. Jul 2018, 11:19

Ich glaub, es geht um den Eintrag RUN=C:\MMOS2\mmfix.exe in der CONFIG.SYS. Das ist standardmäßig auch bei ArcaOS vorhanden.
Andreas Schnellbacher