Bitwise Works Newsletter - 6. September: Firefox 24.8.1 B2

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Frank Wochatz
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Bitwise Works Newsletter - 6. September: Firefox 24.8.1 B2

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bww bitwise works GmbH progress update September 26, 2014

We are proud to announce our latest Firefox for eCS (OS/2) 24.8.1 Beta2.

This is the second beta release of Firefox for eCS (OS/2) version 24. It contains an update from version 24.3.0 to version 24.8.1 which includes a number of performance enhancements and security fixes from the Mozilla developers. It also fixes broken spell checking functionality in text input fields on OS/2.

For the complete annoncement please have a look at Firefox for eCS (OS/2) 24.8.1 Beta2

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With regards, the bww bitwise works GmbH Team

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Post by MikeK »

Startet auf meinem alten P4 (eCS2.1) ohne Probleme. Danke.
Grüße aus Potsdam,