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eCs 2.2 Beta 2

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eComstation 2.2 Beta II ist seit 13. Dezember für Benutzer mit einer aktuellen "Software Subscription" verfügbar:
Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the eComStation 2.2 beta II Release. This beta release is available in English only.

This product is available for download to all registered users of Software Subscription Services for eComStation.

eComStation 2.2 beta III will follow before the final release.
This eCS eComStation 2.2 beta II is done to test that most issue's with USB, AHCI and disk geometry problems are resolved.

This release does not address all bugs open currently in the eCS bugtracker.

== eComStation 2.2 beta II ==

This is a beta version of eComStation 2.2, provided to interested customers for the purpose of testing and evaluation.

eComStation 2.2 includes many new features. While our in-house testing indicates that they are fully functional and reliable, we would appreciate as many reports from our beta testers as possible in order to complete our evaluation prior to final product release.

Consequently, we would request that, when using the eComStation 2.2 Beta, you pay particular attention to testing and evaluating the following new or improved features:

* New: CUPS printer support. Support for a large variety of printers is installed by default.
* New: File Open Container.
* New: split view for desktop folders.
* New: Adapters and Protocols configuration program.
* New: PNG Desktop. (large icons)
* ACPI power management, especially in combination with multiple processors. The ACPI support in eComStation 2.2 has been significantly overhauled relative to earlier versions.
* Video driver performance with Panorama. Panorama has received considerable improvement since eComStation 2.1; in particular, widescreen displays should now be much better-supported.
* WiFi support has been updated with new versions of the XWLAN widget and the WPA supplicant program.
* A Java-based RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client has been added to facilitate remote connections to Windows workstations and servers.

Please refer to for more information on this beta and guidelines to submit your reports.


This product is provided as a downloadable ISO file, this is a raw DVD image that you can burn on DVD-R media. For instructions on burning the ISO image to DVD please consult the PDF document "howtoburncds.pdf" available in the same directory as the ISO files.


eComStation 2.2 Beta requires a valid eComStation 2.0 or 2.1
registration key for installing. You should have received this
registration key as part of your previous eComStation 2.x purchase.
You can download it (by logging in at in
digital form, ready to be imported during the installation process.


This product is available for download to all registered users of Software Subscription Services for eComStation. If you subscription has expired, you can purchase a renewal which will grant you immediate access to the download.

More details can be found at

== ENJOY ==

We hope you will enjoy testing this beta version of eComStation 2.2.

Best regards,

Serenity Systems International / Mensys B.V.